The Federal Trade Commission mandated that all utilities adopt "Red Flag Rules", an identity theft prevention program.  The City adopted a resolution addressing this mandate in April 2009.

For all new water utility accounts in the City of DuPont, Resolution 09-368  requires certain identifying information that may be used alone or in conjunction with any other information to identify a specific person. This can include name, address, telephone number, driver's license number, social security number or taxpayer identification number or government passport number.

All utility accounts are charged a $25.00 administrative set-up fee.  If you rent out your property and choose to have the City set up separate utility accounts for your tenants, you will be charged the administrative fee each time the City has to return the utility account back to your name (owner) after the tenant moves out.

Resolution # 09-368 requires a copy of the rental agreement from the prospective renter, homeowner or Management Company, or in lieu of a rental agreement, a letter from the property owner granting authorization for the renter to apply for utilities can be accepted (Rental Authorization Form).  The letter shall include contact information for the owner for verification of information purposes.

A home owner can waive a utility deposit. Please see the Utility Deposit Waiver for more information.

Renters, homeowners or the Management Company, need to submit a Stop Service Request form  when the renter moves out and terminates their contract.

For service changes or questions regarding billing, contact the Water/Stormwater Utility Billing Department at (253) 912-5210 or City Hall's main line at (253) 964-8121.

*Homeowners who intend to rent their home need to submit a Rental Housing Business License Application. Please click here for more information.