DuPont Trails System

DuPont has developed an expansive system of trails connecting many parts of the city. The system consists of over 12 miles is of both paved and unpaved trails, as well as several miles of designated bike lanes. In addition to these trails, Center Drive and McNeil Street include meandering walkways and multi-use paths that serve both transportation and recreational purposes. Take a walk, get on your bicycle, and take time to enjoy our community. 

Trails Portal

Interested in a particular trail and want to learn more about it? Check out our trails portal! You can check one of our trails by referencing the map below and clicking on the appropriate trail link. Another option available is the ability search by the type of trail you are looking for here. Want a trail with a water view that isn’t too difficult? The features search function allows you to do just that. For example, searching "Trail- Water View" and "Trail- Easy": this will only bring up trails with those features. Try it out and discover a new trail in DuPont! 

City Trails Maps (PDF)