Lost and Found Pets

Did You Find a Loose Dog or Cat?

The City of DuPont has a contract with City of Lakewood for Animal Control services. No matter the situation, contact Lakewood Animal Control

Able to Safely Catch the Animal

If the animal is able to be safely captured, City of DuPont Police may be able to hold the animal until Lakewood Animal Control is able to take custody. If the animal is microchipped, DuPont Police may try to match the chip with the pet owner.

If a holding space is not available and the chip-read was unsuccessful or Lakewood Animal Control is unable to arrive for some time, the animal is brought to City of Lakewood and then eventually brought to Pierce County Humane Society. The Humane Society's Lost Pets Listing is typically updated every 2 hours during open business hours. 

Unable to Catch the Animal

Lakewood Animal Control will need to respond to an at-large animal. DuPont Police will most-likely not respond as they do not have the tools to safely capture the animal. 

Lost Pets And Tips

  1. CONTACT ANIMAL CONTROL/ HUMANE SOCIETY: The City, Police and Lakewood Animal Control do not monitor the dozens of pages on social media. If you do lose your pet, contact Lakewood Animal Control and look at the lost pets page for the Humane Society.
  2. LICENSE YOUR PET: Not only is it the law, licensing your pet has many advantages to it as well. Your pet's descriptive information is put into a database that has helped reunite pets with owners. There are times the microchip reader malfunctions, a pet may not even be chipped, or in some now rarer occurrences: the chip is unable to be read due to country of origin. There are also some organizations that give a few days of free food or litter if you recently lost a job- but only if you show proof of a license!
  3. KEEP THE TAGS ON YOUR PET'S COLLAR: Yes, that constant 'tinging' of your pet's tags can be quite annoying, but as tip 1 states- the tag on your pet's collar isn't just proof your pet is abiding the law, it also can help with reuniting you with your pet if it gets lost. If you still choose not to keep tags on your pet's collar, it is highly recommended to put some form of contact information on the inside of the collar such as a current phone number or address. 
  4. MICROCHIP YOUR PET: The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is placed just under the epidermis of your pet in a portion of loose skin just above the shoulder blade. It is no more evasive than a common vaccination. The process can be done at your vet's office. The Tacoma & Pierce County Humane Society has microchipping available for only $25. Do remember, that microchipping your pet- but not licensing it with the City- does not make your pet legal in the City.