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Instructions for giving public comment during a Council meeting or a Public Hearing can be found here.


Second Tuesday of the monthRegular Council Meeting
6:30 PM, City Hall (1700 Civic Dr)
Third Tuesday of the monthPlanning, Public Works & Economic Development Council Committee7:00 PM, EOC (1780 Civic Dr)
Third Tuesday of the monthFinance & Governance Council Committee6:00 PM, City Hall (1700 Civic Dr)
Third Wednesday of the monthPublic Safety Council Committee6:00 PM, EOC (1780 Civic Dr)
Fourth Tuesday of the monthCouncil Workshop6:00 PM, City Hall (1700 Civic Dr)

  1. Agendas
  2. Minutes
  3. Ordinances
  4. Resolutions

Agendas are available a minimum of 24 hours prior to meetings.


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DuPont City Council



Chris Barnes
Position 1
TERM: 1-1-18 through 12-31-21 

Shawna (002) (002)


Shawna Gasak
Position 2
TERM: 1-1-18 through 12-31-21



Michael Gorski
Position 3
TERM: 1-21-20 through 12-31-21 

PCoffey-4x5-1469 (280x350)Councilmember

Penny Coffey
Position 4
TERM: 1-1-20 through 12-31-23



Position 5
TERM: 1-1-20 through 12-31-23

Kevin BallardCouncilmember

Kevin Ballard
Position 6
TERM: 1-1-20 through 12-31-23

Leo Gruba


Leo Gruba
Position 7
TERM: 1-1-18 through 12-31-21

Form of Government

The City of DuPont is a code city with a Mayor-Council form of government. The City Council consists of seven part-time, nonpartisan, members elected at-large to serve four-year terms. Terms are staggered so not all seats are up for election the same year. Nonpartisan elections are held every two years.


The City Council is responsible for enacting all legislation and making general policy decisions governing the City. At the beginning of each year, the Council appoints a Deputy Mayor from its membership to perform mayoral duties in the Mayor's absence.