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DuPont Community Garden

Subfacility of City of DuPont Parks & Open Spaces

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  1. Garbage Receptical
  2. Gardening Beds
  3. Gazebo
  4. Landscaped Gardens
  5. Picnic Tables
  6. Street Parking

The DuPont Community Garden on Power Line road is accessible from Center Drive by Creekside Apartments it is within vicinity of Creekside Neighborhood Park, Edmond Village Park and a short walk from the popular AA- Sequalitchew Creek Trail and BB-Edmond Marsh Trail which has connections to many other regional trails. 
The garden provides a facility for the novices and green thumbs to grow fresh vegetable for themselves and the community. There are over 80 garden beds  available for a yearly rental both outdoors or in one of the two greenhouses. The garden provides seeds, irrigation and fertilizer to get started.  Knowledgeable fellow gardeners can offer help and guidance to those new to gardening or new to the Northwest.  This is a perfect place for the whole family, to garden together, picnic or participate in the children’s activities during the monthly work days which reside on the last Saturday of every month.

The garden grows and distributes a significant portion of the produce to local food banks.  Anyone looking for volunteering opportunities may want consider joining the team that tends the beds for community production. The garden is consistently in need of volunteers to assist with other garden activities, please reach out to the e-mail provided below!

Contact the garden at and check out the DuPont Community Garden Facebook page for updates on any upcoming work parties and workshops. Also, be sure to check out their website!