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BB- Edmond Marsh Trail

Subfacility of City of DuPont Trails System


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Natural Areas
  3. Parking
  4. Street Parking
  5. Trail System
  6. Trail- Easy
  7. Trail- Gravel
  8. Trail- Mostly Flat
  9. Wildlife Viewing

Difficulty: Easy
 Distance: 0.9 Mile
 Approximate Time: 20-25 Minutes
 Total Elevation Change: 51 Feet
Access: Via connector from AA Trail, Center Drive, Street Parking from Feeder Trails, Bell Hill Community Park
The BB Trail officially starts on the east side of Center Drive across from the DuPont Civic Center, just south of the DuPont Community Garden and Creekside Neighborhood Park. You can continue onto it after going through the pedestrian tunnel under Center Drive from the AA- Sequalitchew Creek Trail and/ or the Civic Center parking lot. Mostly flat, the trail continues through prairie land and past the 1843 Fort Nisqually site. Be sure to check out the City of DuPont Museum and the Fort Nisqually Living History Museum at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma to learn more about this piece of local history! 
Continuing on, the trail passes a junction for the GG trail to the south or access to Edmond Village Park to the north which goes south along the east end of the Fort Nisqually site. For a little under a mile, you go through forest and Edmond Marsh until ending at Bell Hill Community Park where a junction to many other trails within the DuPont Trail System can be reached: The CC Trail goes around the west end of the DuPont Historic Village, past Chloe Clark Elementary School, Sellers Park and ends at Wilmington Drive just east of the State Farm Insurance complex; the JJ Trail continues south and ends at the DuPont Historic Village by the DuPont Museum and Robinson Park; The LL Trail hugs along the south side of Bell Hill; and the MM Trail goes along the north end of Bell Hill. Both the LL and MM trails end at Stielacoom-DuPont Road.