Join the Reserve Officer Program

Becoming a Reserve Officer

The City of DuPont is a fast growing, innovative area. We are currently accepting applications for Reserve Officer. Our population is approximately 8,500 people. This is up from 601 in 1996. With our location on the I-5 corridor, we continue to attract several large corporations and new residents. Our projections indicate rapid growth in the years to come.

A reserve program is crucial to the development of our Police Department. The attached pages will explain the requirements for becoming a Reserve Officer with the Police Department for the City of DuPont.

As you will see, the expectations are high; however, the rewards are many. We at the Police Department pride ourselves in becoming the best department in the State of Washington. Each of us realizes a great sense of community pride that comes from the satisfaction of helping our neighbors and friends in the DuPont community.

Once you have turned in your applications, a background investigation will be conducted. You will be advised by mail of the status of your application. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Officer Tom Adkins or call at (253) 964-7060 ext. 5262. Thank you for your interest in becoming a DuPont Police Reserve Officer.

Reserve Officer Hiring Process