Stormwater (also referred to as surface water) has been identified as the leading contributor to water quality pollution to the waterways of the nation. As urban areas within our own state continue to grow, stormwater has also been identified as one of the state’s fastest growing sources of water quality concerns. Streets and other impervious surfaces constructed to serve new growth can also serve to collect and carry sediments from construction sites, oil and grease from cars, fertilizers and pesticides from yards, toxic metals from cars and bacteria from animal waste.

This website is designed to inform our residents about our stormwater system, to inform you about the importance of preventing stormwater pollution from entering our waterways or stormwater systems, and to let you know what the city is doing to meet new state and federal regulations and how you can help to reduce the potential for stormwater pollution. Stormwater pollution prevention is a community effort! It takes each of us doing our small part to make a big difference.

Remember - Only Rain Down the Drain!

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