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Leak Adjustments

For severe water leaks, please note a water leak rate adjustment is permitted once in a two-year period and can only be applied to one (1) billing cycle. The increase of water usage for which an adjustment is sought must be due to a verifiable water leak in the water line between the customer's side of the water meter and the customer's residence.

Customers must apply for a water leak adjustment (PDF), in writing, within thirty (30) days of the City's issuance of the water bill sought for adjustment, and must provide proof that the affected water line has been repaired (such as photos of repair or receipt from licensed plumber). Please view Ordinance 06-817 (PDF)for complete information on water leak adjustments.

Any questions relating to the status of a utility account should be directed to the Kristen Tarakai at 253-912-5210 or 253-964-8121.