Business Taxes

Business & Occupation Tax

The City of DuPont assesses a Business and Occupation Tax (B&O Tax) in compliance with RCW 35.102. "Business and Occupation Tax" or "Gross Receipts Tax" means a tax imposed on or measured by the value of products, the gross income of the business, or the gross proceeds of sale. The B&O tax rate is 0.1%. B&O tax is payable quarterly or annually depending on the amount of gross receipts.  You now can file online!  Click here to connect to our online portal and set up an account and file.  You can pay online (up to $5,000) or mail in a check or come to City Hall to pay. 

Gambling Tax

Gambling tax is assessed on Bingo, Pull tabs, Raffles and Punch boards at a rate of 5%, Amusement Games at 2% and Social Card Games at 20%. Gambling tax returns are due quarterly to the City. A copy of your Washington State Gambling Commission Quarterly Return must accompany the City of DuPont return.

Admissions Tax

An excise tax levied on admissions fees of qualified events (see DuPont Municipal Code 3.13 for details). The admissions tax rate is 5%. Non-profit organizations (501(c)3) are exempt from admissions tax provided a copy of the tax exemption is provided.