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Welcome to DuPont Parks and Recreation. We take pride in working to serve the community by providing healthy, inspirational, and fun recreational opportunities for you and your family through quality programming, facilities, and community events.

Please Be Patient As We Release Our New Website! 

In winter 2021/ 2022, the City of DuPont partnered with CivicRec, which is an extension of our existing website. We are doing a soft launch of CivicRec which is a whole new platform where each individual, including children, will have their own profile. This will assist those registering a child with making the process quicker and easier! Instead of having to manually enter information for every registration, this information is securely saved, and encrypted, in your own account. Outdoor shelter and picnic area rentals will also be more accessible online with a viewable availability calendar and online application and once the application is approved by City Staff, an online payment process. 

CivicRec Logo

Learn How to Create an Account!:

Click on the links below to learn more about account creation for individuals, parents and children and a link to the new website extension. Welcome to the future of DuPont Parks & Recreation! 

NOTE: You will need to click "Access CivicRec Website" link in order to create an account. All accounts will require a minimal of 2 Emergency Contacts. For organizational accounts, these contacts should be someone within the organization responsible for risk management or related field. 

Access CivicRec Website

Create An Account (Desktop)

CivicRec Login Desktop

Note: on some browsers, you may need to click on the "catalog" tab once finished in order to return to the registration screen.

Additional Help:

How to Create An Account (Desktop)

Create An Account (Mobile)

Civic Rec Mobile Login Step 1

Civic Rec Mobile Login Step 2

NOTE: Click on catalog at the top of the create user page when finished or swipe-up to refresh page.

Civic Rec Mobile Login Step 3

Additional Help:

How to Create An Account (Mobile)

Access CivicRec Website