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KK- Brown Loop Trail

Subfacility of City of DuPont Trails System


  1. Dogi-Pot Receptacle
  2. Natural Areas
  3. Street Parking
  4. Trail- Easy/ Moderate
  5. Trail- Gravel
  6. Trail- Less than 100 feet elevation change
  7. Water View
  8. Wildlife Viewing
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate for some
Distance: 0.45 Mile
Approximate Time: 10-20 Minutes
Elevation Change: 62 Feet
Access Points: Ridgeview Drive & Brown Loop, Ridgeview Drive with access to HH Hoffman Hill Trial across. 

The Brown Loop Trail follows along the western side of Brown Loop and the bluff over Puget Sound. This forested trail has glimpses of Puget Sound and a semi-obscured viewpoint of the Nisqually River delta. With a little more of a gradual incline and extra shade, this is a worthwhile substitute over going up Ridgeview Drive. The trail has is within distance to Chief Leschi Park and Pola Andre Park where it ends across from the 
HH- Hoffman Hill Trail head.

PLEASE NOTE: There are multiple trails that go off the main trail down the bluff to Puget Sound. The City of DuPont does not recommend use of these trails. These trails are not maintained by the city. Ground surrounding these trails is very unsteady and create an erosion risk. Use at your own risk. 

RAILROAD TRACKS: Walking on, along, or over active railroad tracks when not at a designated crossing is not only illegal, it is a serious risk. Do not do it. Learn more here at Operation Lifesaver : Rail Safety Education

TIDE INFORMATION: The beach is an enjoyable place to visit, but it can also be a risk on your safety. The City of DuPont does not own the land surrounding the beach and some areas are within Federal and private property. Access these areas at your own risk. If you intend to venture into these areas, please consult the NOAA Tide Chart. If you do not understand tide charts, it is not recommended that you venture beyond the beach area near the trail.