The Early Years

The DuPont Fire Department was established in 1910. Membership was made up of plant employees and citizens in town, mostly younger boys who would man the hose carts located in and around town. Some of these boys would get the hose carts to the fire, and by that time, the older men from the plant would arrive and take over.  In the early 1920's DuPont Company Number 11 was added to the firefighting forces of the Village and is said to have been the youngest firefighting department in the United States. The oldest member was only 12 years old and the youngest member was only 7. Fire Chief Robert Hull was only 11 years of age. This organization started as a result of the boy's efforts in bringing a dangerous grass fire under control.

In 1963 the town purchased its first pumper at a cost of $49,000 cash. The station at that time had to be extended both length and width wise to accommodate the pumper. It had been a one man garage prior to the time.

1963 pumper truck

Photo of the pumper that was purchased in 1963.

Current Fire Department

Your DuPont Fire Department is staffed with a Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, Fire Marshal, and a minimum of three Shift Firefighters that staff a Fire Engine and Firefighter/Paramedic Ambulance. As of 2022, our Ambulance is staffed with Firefighter/Paramedics, and our average response time for Advance Life Support is 6 minutes.

Our fire station is located at 1780 Civic Drive.