Sign FAQ's



To encourage a strong, stable and vibrant business district, attract new and support existing businesses and keep the community safe for pedestrians and vehicles, DuPont adopted a sign code.  A completed application with materials and fees are to be submitted for review.   City approval is required for sign placement. 

Please refer to the DuPont Municipal Code (DMC) Chapter 25.116 SIGN CODE ( for sign placement and specific code requirements.

Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions and a condensed response.  Please refer to the  sign applications and the DMC for complete requirements.

Temporary Signs

Real Estate Signs

Yes, one sign on the property and three off-site signs are allowed. The onsite sign cannot be larger than six square feet. The off-site signs cannot be taller than 36 inches, larger than six square feet each, and must be located in the landscape area between the curb and sidewalk. The off-site signs are allowed only during the hours that a real estate or rental agent is present at the property.  A Temporary Sign Application and Right of Way form is required.

Business A-Frame Boards

One A-frame sign is allowed per business and may be displayed on the property or in the abutting public right-of-way only when the business is open to the public.

Here are a few of the basic guidelines regarding political signs:

Political signs may be placed in a public right-of-ways only between the curb and sidewalk, or on private property with permission of the property owner. The sign cannot be taller than 36 inches, larger than six square feet in size, or illuminated. The sign may be installed at any time but must be removed within five working days following an election, except for a candidate who is successful in a primary election, in which those signs may remain until five days after the final election. No sign permit is required. The person posting the sign shall be responsible for removing it.  

Permanent Signs

Yes, a permit is necessary to install a new permanent sign.  Any business applying for a sign permit will also have a current DuPont business license on file. 

Home Based Businesses

Signs identifying or advertising home occupations are not allowed. 

How Do I Get a Sign Permit?

Click here for instructions on how to apply for the sign permit via our SmartGov online portal.  Need help applying for your permit? Email or call (253) 912-5217 with any questions.

Allow adequate time for review and processing.  Temporary signs may require a minimum of 10 business days.  A permanent sign may require more time depending on the complexity of the sign.

Upon review and approval of a completed application form, an approval letter will be issued.  Temporary signs will also have permit stickers issued for placement on the back of the signs.

Signs placed without prior approval, may be subject to immediate removal.

Unapproved signs placed in public right-of way or interfering with sight distance may be removed by the city without notice.