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CC- Historic Village Trail

Subfacility of City of DuPont Trails System


  1. Dogi-Pot Receptacle
  2. Interpretive/ Educational Signage
  3. Natural Areas
  4. Street Parking
  5. Trail System
  6. Trail- Easy/ Moderate
  7. Trail- Less than 100 feet elevation change
  8. Trail- Paved Sections
  9. Trail- Tramped Dirt
  10. Trail- Tramped Grass Roadway
  11. Wildlife Viewing

 Level of Difficulty: Easy/ Moderate
 Total Distance: 1.05 miles
 Time Approximation: 20-30 minutes
 Total Elevation Change: 82 Feet
 Access: Bell Hill Community Park, Feeder Trails from street parking, Chloe Clark Elementary School, Sellers Park, Wilmington Drive. 

The CC Trail goes from Wilmington Drive, just East of the State Farm Insurance complex and the DuPont Northwest Landing I-5 sign. From this point the trail is mostly flat and meanders to the north through Oak groves and past Sellers Park. The trail then wraps around the west end of the DuPont Historic Village and behind Chloe Clark Elementary School and continues to the northwest through evergreen forest with a couple of interpretive signs along the way and changes in elevation of less than 100 feet. 
The trail then meets up at Bell Hill Community Park at a major junction to other trails: The BB Edmond Marsh Trail which continues on through Edmond Marsh and feeds into the AA- Sequalitchew Creek Trail; the JJ Trail continues south and ends at the DuPont Historic Village by the DuPont Museum and Robinson Park; The LL Trail hugs along the south side of Bell Hill; and the MM Trail goes along the north end of Bell Hill. Both the LL and MM trails end at Steilacoom-DuPont Road.