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Sellers Park/ DuPont Village Park

Subfacility of City of DuPont Parks & Open Spaces


  1. Basketball
  2. Drinking Fountain
  3. Electrical Access
  4. Garbage Receptical
  5. Historical Marker/ Area
  6. Horseshoe Pit
  7. Open Turf Area
  8. Parking
  9. Pavilion
  10. Picnic Areas
  11. Playground
  12. Port-a-Potty
  13. Trail System

Sellers/ DuPont Village Park is within the DuPont Historic Village. The park has a playground, basketball court and large open field. A pavilion on site can also be rented for private events. Nearby are several feeder trails which access the CC- State Farm Powerline Trail within the DuPont Trail System

Sellers Park is named after the lake that sits by the park. When the USGS surveyed the area in the 1930s, the lake was named after someone in the military. Kids used to make rafts to cross the lake in the early days of the DuPont company town. Prior to being a park, there was a community garden on the property maintained by the residents of the village. The blackberry bushes may be a remnant of this garden after a resident planted one which spread rapidly across the park and town. Mayor Pola Andre and her taskforce worked with the Weyerhaeuser Company to have land become the first official park in the city in the 1980s. People of the Historic Village tried to get the name changed to "Village Park" shortly after, hence why this park is referred to in two names!