Park Shelter & Picnic Area Rentals

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, outdoor reservations of 200 occupants or greater will not be accepted. Indoor reservation requests are not being accepted. All attendees will agree to practice safe social-distancing around others they do not live with as well as wear masks at all times except when eating or drinking. If there is a change on restrictions, the City of DuPont reserves the right to cancel any event where all fees and deposits will be refunded. 

All picnic areas and shelters (Park Facilities) are available on a first-come, first-served basis; however, they can be rented for a minimal of 4 hours at all City of DuPont parks. Parks and can not be rented out for exclusive use, but the rental of a space gives a group the conditional right to use that requested area for a specified date and times. 

The most popular requests are for covered picnic areas (shelters). Currently, there are 3 shelters/ pavilions within DuPont available to rent:

Park Shelters & Picnic Area Examples

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  2. 2
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Applying For a Reservation 

To apply for a reservation, please review the Park Facility Use & Reservation Policies as well as complete and submit the application form. Due to the inability to have an viewable calendar for each location at this time, it is highly recommended that you call Sean Randall at least 30 days in advance to be sure your planned date is available for the site you have in mind. Requests made 5 business days prior to the planned event date will be not be accepted.


For applications not requiring a Special Event Permit, an invoice from Seamless Docs will be sent to the e-mail provided in your initial application within 2-5 business days after its submission. Payment can be made by credit or debit card. If another payment method is preferred, please contact Sean Randall and other options can be discussed. 

Payment for reservations requiring a Special Event Permit 

A reservation is not complete and valid until all applicable fees and deposits have been paid for in full. If all fees are not paid for within 5 business days prior to your planned event, your event is at risk to being given to the next group if there is a waiting list for that particular date and area. If you required a Special Event Permit and you have not received a response from the City in regards to your event and an invoice to pay your fees by two weeks prior to your event date, please call.  

Waiting List

A waiting list may begin if multiple requests for a particular area are made for the same date and times. There are two outcomes of the waiting list:

All applications received come as a first-come, first-served basis:
  • Subsequent applications will be added to a waiting list. If payment hasn't been received within 5 business days prior to the event, the first group will be dropped and the second group will need to pay within 24 hours after notification by phone call and e-mail. 
  • Or a written agreement between the first two groups agreeing to a back-to-back booking on the requested date with a minimal hour buffer. If either group is on the site outside of their designated rental time, they are at risk of being billed any additional time or have that amount taken out of their deposit.

Rentals that require a Special Event Permit

Special Event Permit is $75 per event and required for any and all activities on public or private property that either:

  • Have greater than 50 occupants
  • Affect the standard and ordinary use of public streets, right-of-way, sidewalks or any other  areas which requires levels of City services.
  • Fairs, festivals, carnivals, sporting events, runs, bike-a-thons, markets, dances, fundraisers, motion picture filming, parades/ marches, etc.
    1. NOTE: This applies even if the group is under 50 occupants.

These permits may take 2 weeks and up to 60 days to process depending on the type of event. It is highly recommended that for any event requiring this type of permit contact Sean Randall or e-mail the Permit Department if your planned date is in less than 60 days, or you may risk having it rejected.

If these apply to your planned event, this permit must be filled out and either:

  • E-mailed to the: Permits Department.
  • Faxed to City Hall (253)964-3554
  • Mailed to City Hall: 1700 Civic Drive DuPont, WA 98327
  • Printed and placed into Utility Billing Drop Box by Sequalitchew Creek Trailhead on northeast side of Civic Center parking lot.