Billing Information

  • Water & Stormwater: The City of DuPont serves all residential, commercial, and industrial customers with water and storm water within the city limits. 
  • Payments: Sign up for Auto Pay (paperless billing) and pay your bill through our Utility Payment Portal. Payments can also be made in person at City Hall or after hours in our drop box (located on the NW corner of our parking lot).
  • Billing Dates: Utilities are billed on a 2-month billing cycle, bills are due on the 20th of the month, and past due charges are applied on the first of the following month. Example: Nov/Dec bill cycle's payment is due Jan 20th, and the past due fee is applied on Feb 1st. 
  • Disconnect for Nonpayment: Disconnected accounts due to nonpayment will remain disconnected until the total balance is paid in full (both past due and current charges). Once the account balance is $0.00, services will be restored.  Water will only be restored during normal business hours; Monday through Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm.  Friday offices are closed to the public, payments can be made online, in our drop box or by coming to the door and ringing the bell and someone can assist you.  We do monitor our drop box and our billing portal for payments that are made on Friday between the hours of 9:00am – 2:00pm.
  • Account Startup Fees: 
    • New property owners: $25 (Connect Administration fee).
    • Renters: $125 ($100 Deposit + $25 Connect Administration fee).

  • Pierce County Rental and Utility Assistance, if you have no internet access, please call 2-1-1. 
  • Salvation Army: (253) 572-8452 
  • Associated Ministries: (253) 383-3056 
  • Catholic Community Services: (253) 383-3697 
  • DuPont Cares: or click here for the application.
  • Korean Women's Association: (253) 441-4058 
  • United Way of Pierce County: (253) 272-4263 
  • Pierce County Community Action: (253) 798-7240 
  • Pierce County Veterans Assistance Programs: (253) 798-7449

UTILITY QUESTIONS:  Contact the Utility Billing Clerk at (253) 912-5210, (253) 964-8121, or