Taxes, Fees & Charges

City of DuPont Taxes

The City of DuPont bills and collects Business and Occupation Tax (B&O), Admissions Tax, and Water and Stormwater Utility taxes. The City also receives private utility tax for telephone, garbage, electric, gas, and sewer services but, does not directly bill customers for these services.

Other Taxes 

The City of DuPont does not bill or collect property tax, sales tax, hotel/motel tax, or real estate excise taxes. Property taxes are assessed and collected by the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer Office. Sales tax and hotel/motel taxes are collected by local businesses and remitted to the state. Real estate excise taxes are collected during the sales transaction of real property and remitted to Pierce County.

If you have any questions about these or other taxes, contact the Finance Department at (253) 964-8121.

B&O Quarterly/Annual tax

The City of DuPont collects a Quarterly Business and Occupation Tax for all business conducted within the city limits of DuPont. We require every business to file each quarter or annually (approval required for annual filing). You can click here to view the B&O tax form (PDF).  If your gross taxable receipts are less than $5,000.00 for the reporting period, no tax will be due, however you will still need to fill out a form.  You now can file online!  Click here to connect to our online portal and set up an account and file.  You can pay online (up to $5,000) or mail in a check or come to City Hall to pay.   Some common questions regarding B&O taxes can be seen here. Any additional Questions please contact the Finance dept. at 253-964-8121.

Current Tax Rates

Click here for a list of current tax rates.

Fees & Charges

The City of DuPont has an official Fees & Charges Schedule (also known as the Fee Schedule) that provides for all goods and service related fees and charges that the City may assess. You can find the latest version of the Fees & Charges Schedule (PDF).