Access Utility Services

Please choose the correct form that best suits your utility needs:

STARTING Utility Services:  As either the renter or the owner, to start services at residential or commercial property, an application must be submitted to the Utility Billing Department.  Applications are submitted online using the links below.

IMPORTANT RENTAL INFORMATION: For rental properties, the utility bill will remain in the name of the owner until a Rental Authorization form is submitted by the owner / rental agency.  The City of DuPont will email the Rental Authorization Form to the owner or rental agency after the tenant submits the Start Service Application Form.

STOPPING Utility Services:  As either the renter or owner, to stop services at residential or commercial property, a request must be submitted to the Utility Billing Department.  Requests are submitted online using the link below. 

WATER LEAK ADJUSTMENT Request:  As either the renter or owner, if you have had a water leak and you would like to request an adjustment to your utility bill, complete and submit a Request for Water Leak Adjustment Form.  The City of DuPont will determine if an adjustment is warranted.  You will be required to submit a service order, repair information, and pictures as evidence.  More details can be found on the form below.

UTILITY DEPOSIT WAIVER:  Owners / Landlords or a Property Management Company authorized to act on behalf of an owner / landlord have the option to direct the City to waive the utility deposit.  Submitting a waiver form is acknowledgement the owner / landlord is ultimately responsible for any unpaid utility bill.  If you are an owner / landlord or an authorized agent, use this form to request to waive the renter's deposit.  

IRRIGATION SERVICES:   Commercial businesses using irrigation meters can start and stop services using the forms below.  Please submit the form at least five business days prior to starting or stopping services.  All commercial irrigation accounts are charged a $25 administrative start service fee and then $25 each time the meter is reactivated.  Commercial irrigation meters are locked when the account is suspended; this prevents unauthorized usage.  According to DMC 17.02.180 and 17.02.200, commercial irrigation locks are not to be tampered with or removed.  Only authorized city personnel can remove the locks after the Start Commercial Irrigation form is submitted.

UPDATE INFORMATION:  If you need to update any information regarding your account, please submit an Update Information form found below:

For assistance filling out or submitting any of these forms, please contact 
the Utility Billing Clerk at City Hall, 1700 Civic Drive, DuPont, WA 98327 
or call (253) 912-5210 during business hours.